So what do you do when you get some free time? Read a book, take a trip, take up gardening, start a rock 'n roll band?

What? Start a rock 'n roll band?

Yea, that's just what these folks did.

A while back, they toured, made records, had radio air play, had a blast and stopped playing to focus on traditional careers.

Fast-forward to today, build a State-of-the-art recording studio, write and record an all original album, and you have the modern-day KEITH Band. 

After extensive time in the recording studio, How We Rock was launched in February, 2015. The album was  submitted to The Recording Academy, and accepted for Grammy consideration. 

Attending the 2016 Grammys, is the summit of experiences for the KEITH Band, to date!

Just Back from The Grammys !


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